TTCases and Chasin’ The Racin’ Partnership

TTCases and Chasin the Racin Partner Up


TTCases are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with the hugely popular Chasin’ the Racin’ Podcast.

With over 5k downloads per week, endless 5 star ratings and a huge world-wide following, we look forward to providing the rapidly growing fan base with quality merchandise to further enhance the CTR experience.

Steve and Ed at TTCases


TTCases became the first ever live sponsors on the show back in episode 16 and, as avid fans, we’ve listened to every podcast since, sponsored further episodes and now we’re proud to be able to help the lads bring the very first official Chasin’ the Racin’ merchandise to the world.

Using our website platform, we have worked together to design, manufacture and deliver premium Chasin’ the Racin’ merchandise, as well as protecting their brand by offering a 5 star personal service for all Chasin’ the Racin’ orders.

“Really pleased to join forces with TTCases to supply our merchandise. I’m really happy with the products we have for sale, the caps are mega quality and I love my CTR soft gel phone case too.

Looking forward to adding a few more items to the range soon, it’s great to see all the positive feedback from people online.”

Chrissy Rouse at Chasin’ the Racin’

You can check out the Chasin’ the Racin’ merchandise at the link below.

It’s also worth checking out the #ctrmerch hashtag on Instagram!

The Pod

Chasin the Racin is the no.1 fastest growing bike podcast. The popular Geordie due of Chrissy Rouse, a British Superbike Rider and Maths teacher co-hosts the highly entertaining, informative and absolutely brilliant bikers podcast together with the hilarious Road Racer and Ariel Forrester Dominic Herbertson.

A typical format starts with a quick weekly update, a little bike talk, some rumour mill, followed by the formality banter, the odd funny story wrapped around an interesting listen with occasional competition or call out to the listeners.

In addition, and more often than not, Chrissy and Dom go rogue with fantastic one take uncut interviews with guests from every corner of the sport, from the up and coming young riders to legends past and present, the well-known commentators to the best mechanics to the unsung heroes of marshalls, physios, medical staff, organisers and of course us bike racing fans.

Regardless of who they interview, the podcast is always captivating and our bet is that you’ll be left with a smile and wanting more.


If you’re an avid fan like us, then you’ll also want to check out their website where you can see a little more than the episode playlist. The lads record each episode on YouTube and so you can catch the full podcast, weekly highlights and behind the scenes footage as well as other items and updates.

Here’s a video taken from the Chasin’ the Racin’ YouTube channel of Dom hoping to impress his future grandkids…

Dom Herbertson attempting a pitbike backflip

Patron Club

The podcast has seen its popularity climb steeper than Everest and they’ve recently launched their Patrons club. Patron members have special early access to podcasts, video material, behind the scene shenanigans and get to ask the guest questions as well as club members discount and promotions.


Above anything else, we really value the friendship that our partnership is built on and we’re proud to be associated with genuinely lovely lovely lads.

If you would like to partner up, please get in touch.

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