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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is the story behind how TTCases ended up being a sponsor on the increasingly popular and absolutely brilliant Chasin’ the Racin’ podcast with Dominic Herbertson and Chrissy Rouse.

Meeting Dom

Like all good meetings, we first met Dom at the bar. To be more specific, it was at the Joey Dunlop Foundation dinner back in Feb 2019 where Dom was a guest speaker. If you have ever met Dom, or listened to Chasin’ the Racin’ podcast, then you’ll know he can talk the hind legs of a donkey, but he’s incredibly funny so it works out. He’s also a lovely lovely man (his catchphrase not ours) and so we bought him a few pints and we hit it off.


We fully understand how difficult and expensive the road racing is for riders without the giant sponsors, and so after a few beers and Dom laying on the charm, we somehow agreed to support Dom’s racing venture. Within a week, we launched our first Dom the Bomb phone case where a large chunk of the proceeds go back to Dom’s privateering setup. We didn’t realise how popular the guy is, they keep on selling!

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Hearing about the Podcast

Like proper stalkers, we know what Dom’s up to (he puts everything on Twitter), so when Dom hooked up with Chrissy Rouse, the seriously talented BSB rider and sexy Maths teacher (again, Dom’s words not ours), to create a podcast, we thought we’d give it a listen.

iTunes Review (5 stars obvs!)

Little did we know that we’d be hooked. Seriously, it’s bloody brilliant. I even added my first ever
iTunes review:

Brilliant podcast. No prep, straight talking, straight off the cuff and straight to the top of my playlist! The lads are informative, honest and talk racing from first bikes to podiums and all the highs and lows in between. Guaranteed laughs and an hour of enjoyment. They are lovely lovely men. I wasn’t joking, I literally wait for the next episode to appear on my phone. The lads are funny as hell, interesting, charismatic, have awesome guests (and sponsors), talk bikes, bikes, bikes and raise money for charity through a swear jar. What’s not to like?

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Download Chasin’ the Racin’

If you want to stop reading and start listening, then scroll to the bottom as we’ve posted a few download links 🙂


At the start of each podcast, the lads introduce sponsorship and do a great job of talking the sponsors up, so we decided to throw our ring in the hat and see if the lads would give us a shout out during TT. A single Whatsapp later, we had our TT slot secured.

The Night Before

TT Fortnight is 99.9% about the bikes and 0.01% about the football Champions League final, but we use any excuse for a lads night out during TT. I’d met Dom a few times during the week and he’d asked if I was up for doing a live sponsor, but to this day I still feel he stitched me right up… On my way out for a big night, my phone rings:

Dom: Hi Ste, we’re doing the Podcast tomorrow at the TT Grandstand.
Me: OK great, what time? Please not too early as I’ll have a stinking hangover.
Dom: 9am. And your first up.
Me: You’re taking the p!ss.

All harmless banter.. but seriously, I didn’t think I’d make it.

The Morning of the Podcast

Knowing Dom and listening to all episodes of the cast, I knew what to expect, or so I thought. At 8.30am fresh as a daisy (not), I met Dom at the 39th Milestone, which was in the centre of the wet and muddy TT paddock. We entered the mobile physio room led by Scotts Physio (big shout out to the amazing work the team do there, all volunteers too!) and this is where I first met the legend that is Chrissy Rouse, only he was face down on the massage table enjoying an early morning back rub from the lovely physios. Not sure his girlfriend Emily approved. He’s a lovely lovely man though.

I didn’t know at the time, but the lads had managed to get 2 TT big shots as guest speakers. Adam McLean and Jamie Coward. This was going to be an awesome cast, then the nerves kicked in.

The Set Up

1 laptop, 2 mics, 4 chairs and 6 people crammed into a mobile physio tent. Carnage. The podcast was going to be called ‘Karaoke’ as that’s how it felt passing that mic around, but in in the end it was called ‘TT Special’ and very special it was. Chrissy got to work setting up the mics and Dom made up an agenda, all inside 2 mins. The rest of us all thought the same thing… “I am going to make a right tit of myself here”.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”9729″ img_size=”full” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_border” title=”Chasin’ the Racin’ Studio”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


That’s Chrissy’s catchphase. He loves the 3,2,1 countdown bit and as an avid listener, it’s also the part when you know you’re in for an hour of brilliant listening. This time was very different as with 3 of the fastest road racers in the world, a BSB champ and the Physio team all looking on, I’ll admit, I was totally cacking myself.

I remember thinking “I will hide the fact that I’ve only just got home a few hours ago and I’m still a little tipsy”, but then Dom introduced me as “The still half pissed sponsor” so that plan went right out the window.

How did it go?

You can judge for yourself by listening to the cast here. The sponsor is straight in. It only lasted a few minutes, but what an enjoyable experience. We talked TTCases, Vajazzle phones and ginger juice (you’ll have to listen), but perhaps more importantly than any sponsor plug, spending the morning with Dominic Herbertson, Chrissy Rouse, Adam McLean, Jamie Coward and the Scotts Physio Team was without a doubt my TT 2019 highlight (just topping having a fireball with Peter Hickman and his Mum – another story for another day).

You can (and should) listen to the full episode here: http://motorbikepod.libsyn.com/016-tt-special

Does Sponsoring Work?

Yes. Since the cast went live, we’ve had emails and orders referencing the show, people following us on social and we’ve made a few contacts we would never had had otherwise. And we got to write this blog post. If you would like to sponsor the cast, then just get in touch with the lads on Twitter.

Download Chasin’ the Racin’

There are loads of places you can download the podcast from:

iTunes – https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/chasin-the-racin/id1450107526

Stitcher – https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/chrissy-rouse/chasin-the-racin

Libsyn – http://motorbikepod.libsyn.com/

Podtail – https://podtail.com/en/podcast/chasin-the-racin/

Follow Chasin’ the Racin’

And make sure you follow the podcast Twitter page – https://twitter.com/motorbikepod


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