Samsung S20 Tough Case, Snap Case and Leather Flip
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Samsung S20 New Case Types

Recently Samsung announced the launch of their latest S20 range with the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra.

Soon after launch, we managed to roll out the popular Soft Gel phone case and so we’re now delighted to announce that we can add the Tough Case, Snap Case and Leather Flip to the list.

Soft Gel Case for Samsung S20

A full list of case types:

ModelSnap CaseTough CaseGel CaseLeather FlipHard Plastic
S20 PlusYesYesYesYesTBC
S20 UltraYesYesYesYesTBC
Samsung Galaxy S20 Range Phone Case Availability (as at 1st June 2020)

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