The fastest ever Yamaha rider over the Isle of Man Mountain Course and a big favourite at the Isle of Man TT, North West 200, Ulster Grand Prix, Southern 100 and Oliver’s Mount – this is one talented and busy man!

We’ve gotten to know Jamie pretty well since we first met during our joint “Chasin the Racin podcast episode“. Since then, we’ve bumped into Jamie a few times and become bigger fans each time.

A great lad, genuinely a lovely bloke and clearly talented too. We bumped into Jamie whilst he was taking a breather after completing a few practise laps at TT2019 and he was happy to pose with a Jamie Coward TT Phone Case, however, his current phone case cover had some stickers on from his daughter and there was no way he was swapping that case… total respect from us!

His mum took the Jamie Coward case (pic below) 😀

As part of the “next generation”, Jamie will be pushing for podiums at all of the above, and we’ll be routing for JC every time his wheels touch tarmac!

Jamie Coward with a TT Phone Case

Jamie Coward in good company during the Chasin the Racin podcast recording.

Chasin the Racin Podcast host Chrissy Rouse and Dominic Herbertson with Guests Adam McLean, Jamie Coward and Sponsors Steven McIntosh from TTCases as well as the lovely Physio team.
Jamie Coward - Supersport Race 1 - 3rd June 2019 - Sulby Bridge
Jamie Coward Isle of Man TT Phone Case

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