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Mountain Story

At the time I took this photo, I had no idea it would be resurfaced across the net 1000’s of times.

This is Michael ‘Nibbo’ Niblett.

The Hinckley-based road racer ended his TT career in a dramatic PokerStars Senior TT in 2013.

Michael chased his dream. To ride the TT and to achieve a 120mph lap.  This image is Michael’s very last lap at the iconic Joey’s on the mountain, on the way to his best-ever and first lap over the iconic 120mph barrier, achieving 120.256mph.

We gave Nibbo a copy and bless him, he signed one for me too.

“I did what I set out to achieve and I can’t think of a better time to hang up my racing leathers,” says Niblett

The icon image is only available here on a range of mobile device phone covers and pop sockets.

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