James Hillier Case Launch
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James Hillier Phone Case Launch

We’re excited to launch the first of our new “Full Throttle” TT Phone Case collection and what better way to start than this close up of James Hillier going full throttle through Sulby during the TT Supersport Race 1.

If you look closely, you can see the concentration on Hillier’s eyes and we’re not surprised at that speed!

We love the drama and intensity of this case design. It’s not like any other and along with the incredible high res and eye catching colours, there is the iconic TT Logo that adds the finishing touch. One of our favourite cases and a must for any TT or Hillier fan.

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This photo was taken by the up and coming (and very impressive) Jeji Images. Speaking to Jamie (the man behind the lens), he told us that he was only just getting to grips with his camera, trying new settings and we’re really grateful he did! Don’t touch those settings Jamie, they are perfect!

Photo Credit: Jeji Images

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