Isle of Man TT Playing Cards

TT Playing Cards

TTCases are delighted to announce that we are now official providers of Isle of Man TT Playing Cards.

The worlds first TT Playing Cards?

Apparently. We’re not 100% sure and it’s almost hard to believe, however, as we understand it, we are the first and only official Isle of Man TT Playing Cards supplier.

How did they come about?

We were searching for TT Playing cards and could not find any. Google returned thousands of pages, but no ‘official’ TT cards.

Impossible right? So we thought to ourselves.

“Why can’t we be the Official suppliers?”

During the winter of 2019 we worked with our existing contacts at the Isle of Man Government and fast forward a few months, our TT card designs we’re approved and we now hold the license to manufacture, supply and distribute. Woo hoo.

Why TT Playing Cards?

There are many reasons, but here’s the biggies:

  1. Firstly, like you, we’re TT fans and wanted TT playing cards.
  2. We already have the infrastructure to produce, package and distribute.
  3. We have a great relationship with the IoM Government as an existing license holder.
  4. They are a great addition to our TT Phone Case offering.
  5. Who doesn’t need a pack of TT Playing Cards in their life?

Whats cool about the TT Playing Cards?

  1. They are a world’s first (apparently)
  2. They are an official licensed product, endorsed by the Isle of Man Government.
  3. The design is pure, clean and minimal. The TT logo with the winners laurel with a jet black background.
  4. Everyone plays cards, most of all bikers.
  5. They are small, fit inside your pocket, cheap and you can take them anywhere and think of the TT every time you play cards.
  6. John McGuinness, Peter Hickman, Maria Costello, Steve Plater, Matt Roberts, Lee Johnston and many other TT legends have a pack!

The Specs

  • Each desk contains 52 cards and 2 jokers
  • Standard professional poker size of 63mm x 88mm
  • 300GSM (Grams per Square Meter) in weight
  • Printed with a plastic PVC coating for hard wearing protection.
Official Isle of Man TT Playing Cards
Official Isle of Man TT Playing Cards

Launch Promotion

Before we even had the stock, we let our subscribers know what was coming so that they could be the very first people on the planet to receive a pack of TT Playing Cards.

We also offered the first 100 packs at a reduced price of £3.99.

At the time of writing this post, there are still 31 packs left at the reduced price.

If you’re quick, you can see if the offer is still alive?

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