iPhone SE (2nd Gen) Cases Available

iPhone SE 2nd Generation TT Phone Case

SE Phone Cases are now available

To get right to the point, we have added Apples latest SE to our long list of available phone case models.

iPhone SE dropdown menu option
Choose the iPhone SE 2nd Generation in the dropdown

If you own the latest iPhone SE and are looking to purchase a TT phone case, then make sure you click the iPhone SE (2nd Generation) from the drop down menu.

What is the SE you ask?

SE stands for “Special Edition”, not “SEcond Generation” as some think, although it is the second version of the SE. Confused?

A quick explanation.

Apple released their new bigger and better phones such as the iPhone 7 plus and then iPhone 8 plus and so on. The problem was that not everyone wanted bigger phones, but they did want all the good stuff that was inside of them.

So Apple decided to pack all of the goodness from the bigger phones into a smaller phone and called it the iPhone SE.

Since the first SE back in 2016, iPhone have produced the iPhone X and iPhone 11 ranges. Inevitably, the same people wanted the upgrades (especially the awesome camera) in a smaller phone once again.

So 4 years later that the 1st SE, Apple have released a 2nd version of the SE, only this time its called iPhone SE 2nd Generation.

We expect there will be an iPhone SE 3rd generation in 2024.

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