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The Common Landmark

The world famous Isle of Man TT course is littered with amazing landmarks. The Creg-ny-Baa, Ballacraine, Cronk-Y-Voddy & Ginger Hall to name a few but there’s another which nearly all visiting fans will have visited. We are, of course, referring to the Grandstand.

This was the inspiration for our new range of cases, simply called ‘Flags of the TT’. As we glanced through the many, many flags adorning the top of the Grandstand it brought home what a truly International event the TT truly is.

TT Flags? OK then.

People are proud to be associated with the Isle of Man TT races and proud of where they call home … so we thought, “Why not merge the two?”

Whether it’s riders or spectators we wondered how many nationalities have been represented over the years. Starting with the home nations, the first case launched was Scotland, which immediately made us think of names such as the great Jimmy Guthrie (6 times winner), Steve Hislop (11 times winner) & Jim Moodie (8 times winner). Next came England with legends like John McGuiness (23 times winner), David Jefferies (9 times winner) and Ian Hutchinson (16 times winner). Then Northern Ireland, a flag synonymous with Joey Dunlop (26 times winner), Phillip McCallen (11 times winner) and Michael Dunlop (19 times winner). Next up the red dragon of Wales conjuring up memories of Ian Lougher (10 times winner) and adopted Manxman Jason Griffiths (4 times runner up) and of course, last but not least, the Isle of Man.

As we move further afield we’ll be launching cases from Australia, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Germany … pretty much a global range!

Your TT Flag?

Who have we missed? Which flag would you like to see? We want to bring you your TT flag!

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