Cookstown 100 Tribute Case

TT Phone Cases - Cookstown 100 Phone Case

In association with JeJi Images our first ever Cookstown 100 case and what a stunning image it is too.

We’ve worked with Jeji images before, and the quality of images are always there, but we have to admit, we we’re blown away with this photograph more than usual and it’s no surprise that the phone case version looks just as stunning. We’re really happy with how it came out.

Jamie, who took the photo described it as …

“Living just a few miles from the Orritor event I had spent the weeks prior watching the sunset every night wondering how I could mark the occasion with a picture. I headed out around 8pm on the Friday evening, the day before the postponed race day with my limited edition helmet. I had several scenario’s in my mind but this was the shot I wanted. I placed the helmet on a slight rise in the road at Gortin Corner looking back up towards the start/finish line”

– Jamie @ JeJi Images

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Instant Hit

We never know for sure if a phone case will be a success. Sometimes the ones we expect to do well fall flat and the cases we nearly didn’t launch become very popular. There is no science, but we always have a gut feeling before launch and we are strongly backing the Cookstown 100 to be a huge instant hit.



Co-indecently we have been working on some new imagery in the background and here you can see the first glance of our Tough Case imagery on the Cookstown 100 case. She looks beautiful doesn’t she?

TT Phone Cases - Cookstown 100 Phone Case Preview
TT Phone Cases – Cookstown 100 Phone Case Preview

Or you might prefer the gel case?

TT Phone Cases - Cookstown 100 Phone Case Soft Gel
TT Phone Cases – Cookstown 100 Phone Case Preview

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You can view the Cookstown 100 Phone case here.

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